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Softzone Cloud Solutions

In an environment of growing complexity with numerous solutions to choose from, you need a partner that can help guide you through the fray. Softzone's cloud practice helps you make sense of the business and technical options.

We partner with enterprises in their journey from vision to execution; and help transform their business processes, applications and entire datacenters through our comprehensive range of Cloud services.

Just a few years back, few could have envisioned that organizations would be going full-force to the cloud for enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. It just wasn’t conceivable — cloud was for simpler, edge-of-the-enterprise functions — not the vital, muscular core systems represented by ERP. Cloud ERP is here to stay, and that is why Softzone is on the forefront deploying cloud solutions to businesses, organizations and institutions.

We have various ERP solutions that are tailored for industry-specific objectives such as:

- Manufacturing
- Schools / Colleges
- Hotels and restaurants
- Transport
- *Hospitals (*coming soon)
- Retail outlets

Our ERPs feature tools such as Customer Relationship Management and employee appraisal systems as value-added enhancements. You are welcome to ask us to set up for you an evaluation account to test-drive before you decide.

We also pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive and flexible preconfigured web hosting solutions. Our managed hosting solutions enable businesses to outsource the purchasing, operation and maintenance of their dedicated server environment.