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Softzone Desktop and Network Applications

Gone are the days that all software developers do is sit in dark corners and pound away at their keyboards. Software developers need to understand the business problem they are assisting on solving. We at Softzone actively participate in your process of finding a solution to your business. We get involved, strive to understand and pay attention to the finer details of your business.

At softzone, we follow a generic approach when developing any type of software. Simple put, we prepare:

1). An initial meeting is scheduled at no cost to the client in order to briefly discuss the software requirement.

2). A project statement is then drawn up that contains the scope of the project, risks, exclusions, terms, roles and responsibilities and any other relevant information pertaining to the project. In addition to this, a highlevel project plan will also be presented. The project statement will usually be accompanied with a quote. The project statement can be reviewed several times until the client is satisfied.

3). Should the proposal be accepted, detailed analysis sessions will be scheduled in order to compile a functional specification. The functional specification will constantly be compared to the project statement in order to make sure that the scope of the project remains consistent.

4). Once the functional specification is signed off, development will commense. During the development more analysis sessions and demonstrations of progress may be scheduled.

5). Once the development has been complete or at a particular stage for testing, user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions will be held where the client will have the opportunity to test the system and validate the functionality against the functional specification. During this stage a pilot system may be deployed to a staging environment.

6). Once user acceptance testing (UAT) has been completed and signed off, the system is then deployed into a production environment.

7). A stabilisation period will follow - providing training and support as required.