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Comprehensive Set of Solutions

Our Crew

Softzone's comprehensive service offering includes Consulting, Development, Print/Digital Media, Hosting, Support Services including outsourced call center services. This full service option allows you to rely on our experience and minimize the number of vendors you work with.

Though many elements of running a business are fundamentally the same, every organisation has unique requirements around day-to-day tasks that define them and their relationships with customers. Softzone is an ICT service provider that will get under the skin of your business and tailor solutions to individual processes and procedures that are key to the way you differentiate.

Over 5 years we have evolved to become a one-stop shop for all your ICT requirements, an end-to-end service provider offering a comprehensive set of solutions, from basic maintenance and support all the way up to consulting services.

Whether it’s a Managed Service designed to free up in-house IT resources, a deployment to improve productivity, or a first foray into cloud computing, we have the skills and competencies to deliver ICT solutions that will add value to your business.